Sculpture at the Tuileries

Last Sunday a friend and I planned to go to the L’Orangerie, a museum most known for showcasing Monet’s large-scale water lily paintings.  The line to enter was very long, so I suggested strolling through the adjacent Tuileries Garden instead.  Am I glad we did!  It turns out there was an art event going on, la Foire internationale d’art contemporain.

In front of contemporary sculptures throughout the large park, students from the Ecole du Louvre (imagine saying you attend the Louvre School?) spoke to the public about the works of art.  I rediscovered how enriching it is to have someone explain the artist’s thoughts and motivation behind a piece.

This is the first sculpture we saw.  At first I didn’t take to it because I thought the hard silver metal was discordant with its natural surroundings.


My friend wanted to see it from other angles, and I reluctantly followed him.  My opinion of the sculpture quickly changed when I saw it from this point of view.

12.fiac.2013bHow harmonious with its surroundings it was now!  It practically disappeared into the trees.  Francisco Sobrino is a clever one.


Do you sometimes wonder:


French artist Jean Dupuy has the answer:


It very often happens that I encounter a (sometimes metaphorically, often literally) closed door and then find something cool that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  There’s so much “here” if you look around you.


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