Have You Seen My Mums?

Fall in Paris isn’t quite like fall where I’m from, so when I saw these red and yellow mums in the Luxembourg Gardens, I had to pop in.14.fall.2013aFor me, fall is red, orange, yellow, and purple leaves.  Pumpkins and hay bales.  Apple cider and cinnamon donuts.  Squash and gourds.  Scarecrows and witches.

Fall in Paris is rain.  Gray skies and glistening wet cement.  Hesitating when the café waiter asks, “Do you want to sit inside or outside?”  (I usually choose outside.)  A leisurely walk in the cool night air but maybe a hot chocolate after.  Some days it’s cold enough to wear a scarf, hat, and gloves, but the other night was sufficiently warm to sit outside with a friend and eat a sandwich from a Lebanese place off the Champs-Elysées.  Not just any Lebanese place, but the Lebanese place where a friend took me to lunch the day I arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport over a year ago.

In any case, fall here isn’t crispy leaves and pumpkin patches.  Luxembourg, however, is decked out for the season.14.fall.2013b

Mums are the flower of November.14.fall.2013c14.fall.2013e

In the background is Luxembourg Palace, which houses the Senate.


Ducks floated on a lake of leaves.


Who knows what will bloom next?



8 thoughts on “Have You Seen My Mums?

  1. Yep, this is the French fall I remember: grey and damp. That said, you have a lovely spring season in France, In Canada, spring is the two-day period when snow still falls and temperatures suddenly go up!

  2. I really liked your description of autumn in Paris! That in-between vibe sums it up perfectly, especially this year when it’s been really mild a lot of the time (thankfully, considering how long it stayed cold in spring).

    • Thanks. Then I’m glad I expanded the description from my original one, which was something like, “It rains all the time. It’s rained for the past week, and it will rain for the next few days. It will rain for the rest of my life.”

  3. Love the duck photo! And thanks for taking me back to Lux. Sigh☺️ Can I assign you another task? I’d love to see photos of the jardin des plantes right about now!

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