Strings of Street Lights

On the way to and from rendez-vous my last few nights in Paris for the year, I snagged some photos.24.ChristmasParis.2013a 24.ChristmasParis.2013b24.ChristmasParis.2013cLast Monday night a friend and I hung out in the Bastille area and walked through the annual amusement park in the center of the busy roundabout, which included a haunted house ride called “Thriller.”  The maison hantée was topped by an American flag and played a recording of Michael Jackson’s voice periodically.  You probably knew that Michael Jackson was a global icon, but I bet you didn’t realize that the French consider him an appropriate addition to an amusement park at Christmastime.

On my bike ride home from the Bastille, I came upon Notre Dame shortly before midnight.  Last year there was no Christmas tree in front of the cathedral, so I didn’t expect to see one this year. 24.ChristmasParis.2013dI approached and gazed skyward for a while.24.ChristmasParis.2013eAs the year draws to a close and you are likely rushing around with various obligations, I hope you get a chance to pause for a moment of peace, no matter how brief!


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