Bryant Park

Last Friday I met up with an old friend at Bryant Park in New York City (eight years counts as ‘old,’ right?). As she was stuck on the metro line 6, I had a little time to wander around by myself.

Behind the Christmas tree overlooking the ice skating rink, there was a taping for VH1, an American TV channel.26.BryantParkNY.2013aI was surprised by how many teenagers were skating. Don’t they have school? Maybe their schools took them skating for their last day before vacation.26.BryantParkNY.2013b 26.BryantParkNY.2013cHere we see several things being accomplished: enjoying the unusually warm winter weather, watching ice skaters at a well-known New York park, re-energizing with a snack and a large coffee, and a camera at the ready. An expert tourist if I ever saw one.26.BryantParkNY.2013d 26.BryantParkNY.2013eLooks like someone adorned the majestic lions in front of the New York Public Library. Not sure they were too happy about that.26.BryantParkNY.2013f


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