Parc Monceau and Jardin des Plantes

Yesterday, two days after I got back to Paris, I woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep even though I had gone to bed at a normal time. Jet lag is always tougher for me coming back to France than going to the States.

When late morning rolled around, I headed out to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day complete with cloudless blue sky. What a far cry from the Northeastern U.S., where snow still clung to the ground when I left.

While I sat at the bus stop near my apartment, a young woman stopped in front of me and snapped several photos in succession before walking away briskly. Maybe I should remember my outfit for the future (navy blue dress, oatmeal-colored sweater, Kermit green scarf, plum tights). Hopefully she was capturing me for a fashion blog and not a site called “Foreigners Who Don’t Fit In.”

At Parc Monceau, it was my turn to photograph a stranger. She was a bride in a beautiful Islamic wedding dress.43.parcs.2014aParc Monceau’s wide paths and peaceful lake make it great for strolling and sitting even when people are out in full force.43.parcs.2014b43.parcs.2014cI will never get over how some parks in Paris are bounded by such grand ornate gates.43.parcs.2014dPark number 2 for the day was Jardin des Plantes.43.parcs.2014e 43.parcs.2014f 43.parcs.2014g 43.parcs.2014hI was sitting on a bench when a couple sat down beside me and started making out. I refused to move because first-come, first-served, right?

It isn’t spring yet, but it sure feels like it.


8 thoughts on “Parc Monceau and Jardin des Plantes

  1. The woman taking your picture probably thought you were a model there for fashion week!

    I love your photos. So beautiful! So warm! Thanks for sharing them.

    • Undoubtedly. It was a fashion show for short models.

      Thanks! I know you are a fan of warm and beautiful. And thanks for being one of my inspirations to go to Jardin des Plantes.

  2. It looks like spring to me! Especially from where I am standing in the cold white North 😆 I love the way Parisians take full advantage of their “squares” and “jardins publics” as soon as it feels warm enough.

  3. You returned at such a great time! How divine is this weather we’re having?! I wish I lived closer to Parc Monceau, I think it is the most beautiful park in the city. Enjoy spring and good luck kicking that jetlag! (It is always tough on the return!)

    • Yes, people keep telling me that it wasn’t like this a couple of weeks ago!

      I don’t live close to Parc Monceau, but it was a nice bus ride there.

      Thanks! I went to bed at 9 last night (early for me!) and woke up at 3:45am, so I don’t think I’m there yet…

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