Maybe I’ll Stay Inside

You may have heard that a cloud of pollution recently materialized over France and Belgium. All weekend public transportation in Paris has been free to encourage less car traffic. This information kind of puts a damper on what I thought was a romantic scene of a hazy sky over the Seine on Friday.Image


5 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Stay Inside

  1. I heard of it and I thought the free public transportation measure was really good. Or maybe it has to do with the upcoming mayor elections? That’s the cynical French in me…

    Anyway, I always think most people do take public transit in Paris and few would rather drive but I am probably wrong!

    • Interesting point! I’m sure there’s some truth in what you say.

      I think most people do take public transit in Paris. I would guess that a lot of the people who drive live outside of the city and commute to work here. In any case there’s definitely traffic during rush hour. I’ll take note tomorrow whether the traffic is reduced when I take the bus home.

    • The reason I took this picture is because my bus inexplicably dropped off all passengers at a stop before the terminus. While waiting for the next one, I took captured this scene. Don’t you miss Paris and its random “Everyone get off” moments?

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