Food Trucks, Fringues, A Love Wall

Last week was not the greatest week. Oh, nothing terrible happened, but do you ever have those weeks when nothing goes particularly right, either?

The weekend rolled around, and I got out of the house and tried to lift my spirits.

On Saturday evening, I recruited a friend to check out a food truck event with me. I was quite excited for this—there would be barbecue!—but the lines were so long that we decided it wasn’t worth it, especially since we didn’t know if the food would be good. I was also surprised that there weren’t actual trucks set up, but stands.

My friend smartly suggested seeing if the food truck I had raved about, Le Camion Qui Fume, was open. It wasn’t that far from where we were, so we walked across the Pont de Bercy to the movie theatre outside which Le Camion Qui Fume parks. It was indeed there, but my friend was wary about waiting in the long line. I should mention that this was the first time he had seen a food truck, and prior to that night he didn’t know they existed. I skipped a beat when he asked me what the concept was—not because I was surprised that he didn’t know, but because I had never described one before. “You buy food… from a truck…”

My (American) friends and I had willingly waited for Le Camion Qui Fume’s delicious burgers many times in the past, but I decided not to make my (French) friend wait an indeterminate amount of time for dinner.

There were two new neighboring trucks that weren’t there the last time I was in the area, so we split up and ordered from them instead. How funny that this non-event was more of a food truck festival than the actual festival.

On Sunday, I sat on the steps beneath the Sacré-Coeur to soak in the view of the city. At the bottom of the staircase, a man carefully swept the length of the bottom few steps. In the beginning, I figured that he was preparing the space for a show he was going to put on using the contraption behind him. Almost half an hour passed, however, and he was still sweeping those steps.54.montmartre.2014aI stopped in the Sacré-Coeur, and when I came back he was setting up the stage. A fine illustration of wild animals in soft colors formed the backdrop. When he turned a crank, the scene rolled to the left and a new one appeared. It was quite impressive. A clock read, “Next Show 5:00.” It was only 3:30. This man certainly put in a lot of prep time! I found his concentrated attention fascinating. He was not a person who does things half-baked.ImageI continued my walk in Montmartre. I came across a small park with this quote on the wall:ImageTranslated to English, it says, “To love is a mess… so let’s love!” Does that seem reckless or wise to you? Or does it depend on who’s doing the loving and who’s being loved? Something to think about.

Below this glamorous bombshell reminiscent of Katharine Hepburn were blue tiles with “I love you” written in a multitude of languages. ImageAfter leaving the love wall, I came across a clothing shop whose dresses in the window caught my eye. I browsed inside while the shopkeeper ranted on the phone to her friend about someone she was angry with. She didn’t hold back or attempt to lower her voice. I tried on a dress and came out to look at myself in the mirror, as the fitting room inexplicably didn’t have one. As I turned this way and that to see how the dressed looked, the employee said, “C’est mignonne !” (“It’s cute!”) in the middle of her tirade to her friend. I had to laugh.

I bought the dress and snapped a photo of the shop’s furry resident on the way out.Image


10 thoughts on “Food Trucks, Fringues, A Love Wall

  1. Food trucks are the new craze in Ottawa. I haven’t tried them. I like to sit down to eat (it’s still cold out) and the food is pretty pricey for what it is.

    • There have definitely been times where friends and I got burgers from Le Camion Qui Fume and then froze trying to eat outside. I agree that most food trucks are overpriced, but at 8 euros Le Camion’s delicious burgers are correctly priced by Paris standards.

  2. Do you remember where the love wall is? I know I saw it a lot when I used to come in to Paris from Picardie but in all the years I’ve actually lived here, I haven’t seen it at all – weird!

    • It’s in Square Jehan Rictus right near the Abbesses metro station. I see how you could miss it because I’ve been to Abbesses many times but hadn’t really noticed this little park until last weekend!

  3. Now I totally want a burger! I have the day off (it’s a public holiday in Alsace-Lorraine, not in Luxembourg but my work is closed anyway so I had to take leave) so I’m feeling a homemade chickpea/chorizo burger in my future 🙂

    I hate places without mirrors in the dressing room!

    • That’s interesting that Good Friday is a public holiday in Alsace-Lorraine but not in all parts of France (I assume that’s what it’s for).

      I’ve never tried a chickpea/chorizo burger– how creative you are.

      Yeah, I don’t understand why a dressing room wouldn’t have a mirror…

      Hope you enjoyed your day off!

  4. A few weeks ago I watched the news on TF1 and they were talking about how there are more and more food trucks setting up shop in Paris. I wonder where this craze is coming from? I don’t really see them around much in Bordeaux other than at the markets, but I think in villages they are quite common (pizza truck).

    • I almost never see food trucks in Paris. From what I’ve heard it’s hard for them to get a license to operate. That’s why I was surprised to see two new ones set up next to Le Camion Qui Fume. It certainly corresponds with the news clip you saw. Besides that, it doesn’t seem to have taken off yet, but who knows, maybe there will come a tipping point when suddenly a bunch of them will pop up.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pizza truck, even in the States (I mean, how to they bake the pizzas?)– yum yum!

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