Musée Marmottan Monet

This year the Musée Marmottan Monet celebrates its 80th birthday. Recently I went to see its current exhibit, Les Impressionnistes en Privé, which offers for public visit 100 works from private collections. I don’t like waiting in lines and being bumped in crowds, but this was worth it.

The Marmottan is a lot smaller than the Louvre or Orsay, and it has a different feel because it used to be the Marmottans’ private residence. It’s not overwhelming, but it fits a lot in several floors.

Look at those lush green trees framed by the wispy curtains.55.marmottan.2014aI stared at this colorful textured area of paint for a while. A photo doesn’t accurately represent the physicality and beautiful colors, but it gives an idea of the artist’s strokes.55.marmottan.2014bThe vibrant spot is part of Alfred Sisley’s Lisière de forêt, 1895.55.marmottan.2014cThis is Renoir’s Bougival, 1888. Kind of makes you want to sit on the grass there and look out at the boats on the water, doesn’t it?55.marmottan.2014dThis is Monet’s Bras de la Seine près de Vétheuil, circa 1878.55.marmottan.2014eAnd this is Armand Guillaumin’s Quai de la Rapée, 1873.55.marmottan.2014fRenoir’s Les Jeunes filles au bord de la mer, circa 1890, is featured on the advertisements for this exhibit. It’s a pretty dreamy picture.55.marmottan.2014gThe two Berthe Morisot rooms upstairs also contain some paintings that made me stop and say, “Wow.” The way she includes a rainbow of colors in a white dress or a peach scarf provides a feast for the eyes.

At the end of my visit, I came back to see her lounging shepherd.55.marmottan.2014h Looking back at these photos, I realize that they don’t do the works justice, so I wonder if they will be seen for the beauties that they are. However, they’re part of private collections normally, so I want to show them to you.

Art has the ability to fill me up. I can’t explain it any other way.


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