Amiable Amiens

If anyone ever tells you that the only thing in Amiens is the cathedral, don’t believe them. The cathedral would have been enough, as I love Gothic architecture, but the town had more delightful surprises in store.

Amiens is about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Paris by train. I made it a day trip last Sunday.

I started by strolling through the bi-annual flea market, which is the second largest in France. Street after street was closed to traffic and bustled with people selling their wares.

Here are a few of the gems that were on sale.


Need a head? A robot? A pair of hairy yellow chairs? Here’s where to find it.

Why these classics were above and away from the crowd, I do not know.



I came across a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the liberation of the deportation camps.


Government officials wearing red, white, and blue sashes placesd wreaths in front of the memorial to martyrs of the resistance who came from the Picardy region.


A walk through the town yielded some interesting buildings.

Can you believe this is a library?


The circus is another attraction of the town.


I noticed a lot of brick buildings. They were adorable.





More to come!


10 thoughts on “Amiable Amiens

  1. Embarrassingly, I can’t actually remember if I’ve been to Amiens… It doesn’t look familiar, I think we must have gone to Arras the time I’m thinking of. Obviously it wasn’t very memorable!

  2. And wouldn’t you know I’ve been on the lookout for a head, robot, and a pair of hairy yellow chairs! At least now I know where to find them 😛

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