Museuming at Midnight

Earlier this month was La Nuit des Musées, an annual night when museums are open late and free to the public in forty countries in Europe. I took the opportunity to visit the Musée du Luxembourg for the first time.

On display was an exhibit on the empress Josephine that included dresses, furniture, and dishes that she owned, as well as sculpture and paintings that depicted her or aspects of her life and the period in which she lived. It’s hard to believe that anyone ever wore these tiny and fur-trimmed shoes.museeluxembourg.2014aA couple of musicians dispersed throughout the main room played classical music on bass and violin.63.museeluxembourg.2014bThis year was the 10th anniversary of La Nuit des Musées. Joyeux anniversaire!


6 thoughts on “Museuming at Midnight

  1. I think I’ll pick a Natural History for a “Night at the Museum” feel 🙂 I’ve always wanted to attend the event though, it’s such a cool initiative!

    • I like the way you think. 🙂 There is something novel about being in a museum late at night! Or anywhere that is normally only open during the day. I remember being in school at night once and how it felt completely different from during the daytime.

  2. I’ve been here 12 years and I have to attend museum night. Every year I say that I will go and I never make it for some reason or another.

    If you want to visit another museum related to the empress Joséphine you should visit the Château de Malmaison just outside of Paris. When Napoléon divorced Joséphine because she couldn’t have children (I think it was because of that), she went to live the rest of her lonely life in this château.

    • Yes, I learned that fact about Josephine’s divorce from the exhibit! How awful, huh? Thanks for letting me know about the château.

      If you want a low-key museum night next year, choose one of the lesser known ones where there won’t be a throng of people. I heard that the Pompidou had a really long line. The Musée du Luxembourg, while known in Paris, is small and less in demand than a place like the Grand Palais, and I hardly had to wait.

  3. This was the first time I participated, I really liked the buzzing feel of the museum we visited. I have nightmares of trying to go to the Pompidou on Bastille Day one year (when it’s also free entry) – it was probably about 30 degrees outside, so queueing up inside basically a giant greenhouse for an hour… Not good. I eventually left because I was sweating just standing still!

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