Last week a friend and I took a trip to Italy. I say that casually, but actually I find it amazing that in one and a half hours I can be in Italy.

Our first stop was Pisa. We saw the standard tourist sites, like the duomo (church) and Leaning Tower. I had been to Pisa before, but on a whirlwind nighttime trip, so this was my first time seeing it during the day.78.pisa.2014a78.pisa.2014b 78.pisa.2014c My friend quite liked this small Gothic church, Santa Maria della Spina, nestled along the Arno River.78.pisa.2014h 78.pisa.2014gI was taken by the late afternoon light on this building. The walls in Tuscany were superb.78.pisa.2014eA smiling girl and her pup charmed me. I was angling my camera up to take a picture of a dog looking out the window when she emerged with a big smile.78.pisa.2014fOur lodging’s décor wasn’t minimalist, but the spacious room somehow felt sparse and had the feeling of a convent. The sheets were pale blue and the floor was tile. There was even a picture of Mary and the baby Jesus on the wall. It was peaceful. We had a balcony that overlooked a quiet street.78.pisa.2014dThe last site we hunted down during our 24 hours in Pisa was Keith Haring’s mural. Bang.78.pisa.2014i


4 thoughts on “Italia

  1. Great to see something in Pisa beyond the tower – I’ve never been, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single place pictured/mentioned besides it. And Keith Haring of all things!

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