This photo sums up Milan pretty well: business, shopping, and the Milan Cathedral.81.milan.2014cWe saw streets and streets of high-end shopping. It was like being on the Champs-Elysées, except that stores closed far earlier.

The city is much less touristy than Florence and Pisa, and with good reason. There are less tourist sites. Most of them are concentrated around the cathedral.81.milan.2014aSpeaking of which, did I tell you about the time I was turned away from the Milan Cathedral? I was wearing a halter top and shorts, and the man whose job it was to assess visitors’ clothing deemed by outfit impassable. It was quite a sight to see all the girls in line stretching a scarf around their shoulders or legs to make it through. My friend offered me a large t-shirt he had bought earlier, but I felt ridiculous wrapping it half-way around my waist. Luckily, we had one more morning in Milan. We went to the cathedral right before going to the airport. I had my rolling duffel bag with me, so if the guard disapproved of my sleeveless dress I would have had an array of wardrobe changes for him to select from. My choice was fine, though. Of course, we weren’t allowed to bring in our bags, but fortunately there were two of us and hardly any line.

Some unusual and beautiful stained glass adorned the cathedral. Often stained glass figures are abstracted into pieces; these were like illustrations but in glass form.81.milan.2014gWe ventured to the southern part of the city to see the canals. Upon exiting the metro station, the streets seemed a bit grungy and graffiti-covered, but one of the canals was especially pleasant.

81.milan.2014eAfter a day and a night in Milan, we flew back to “real life” in Paris. A presto, Italy!81.milan.2014d81.milan.2014b81.milan.2014f


2 thoughts on “Milan

    • I’m not sure about runway items, but we noticed a lot of high-end clothing stores. Usually as a visitor to a city, you come away with a snapshot, and these were my takeaway impressions. For Paris I’d be more likely to mention the architecture rather than fashion, for example, whereas for Milan it’d be the opposite.

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