Geometrical Art

On the first Sunday of every month, museums in Paris are free. Usually the lines to enter are long, so I was surprised when there was no wait to enter the Pompidou the first Sunday evening of November.

My friend and I scooted in ticket-free and took the escalator upstairs to wander around the contemporary collection.

I thought it was really cool to be able to inspect this panel of the Institut du Monde Arabe up close. The façade of the Arab World Institute in Paris is composed of squares with apertures that open and close according to the amount of sunlight that hits them.  100_7260These fun warm spheres hung from the ceiling of the main hallway.100_7261Unfortunately we only got to glimpse the Picassos in the modern art collection before the museum closed at 9, but I know where I’ll be on the first Sunday of December.

We headed out into the cool night air and looked for a café or bar to stop in. We passed two cafés and a restaurant that we had been to before. We even remembered the conversations we had had at the time. At my prompting we chose a bubble tea place. As we approached a table, the guy at the adjacent table turned and stared at me. It was a former colleague. He said he had recognized my voice.

With familiar places floating with memories and familiar faces en face de moi, Paris felt a little smaller that night. I like that.

5 thoughts on “Geometrical Art

  1. I never knew that about the Arab World facade, that’s so cool. Kandinsky is my favourite, I’m sure there are some nice paintings by him there to check out next time too 🙂

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