Under the Louvre

Two Sundays ago I attended an event that gathered 250 artisans under the Louvre. Called Le Carrousel des Métiers d’Art et de Création, five huge showrooms offered stand after stand of jewelry, hats, clothes, bags, home décor, and art. There were also works by art schools on display: avant garde dresses on mannequins and students, imaginative jewelry, stained glass, and hand bound books. Often, students were present to work on their craft: young shoemakers, embroiderers, and frame makers bent over the tools of their trade.

Most objects were for sale and were tied to boutiques from the Paris region and beyond. Everything had more of a creative streak and a freedom than what you see at regular markets. Even the people walking around tended to possess a style outside of the box. It made me think, why don’t we push our everyday fashion a little farther? It’s fun.

A visual feast of aesthetic creations, it was probably the best event I’ve been to all year. It was free too.

It’s funny to think that above the salon rested time-tested paintings and sculptures like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. That spirit of experimentation and inspiration that lived in those artists was evident in the artisans’ work down below.

What about a headpiece made of origami? 100.artisanslouvre.201aI thought there was something timeless about this silver necklace against the brick and velvet black background. 100.artisanslouvre.201bVive la créativité.

4 thoughts on “Under the Louvre

  1. I think I get a bit awkward at these sorts of things not knowing how much things cost or how to react to the artisans if they’re a bit pushy. Sounds like this one was great though

    • Since there were many people attending, the salespeople didn’t really get a chance to focus on one person and be pushy. The atmosphere was really more of appreciating the creativity and craftsmanship– although of course they would be happy if you bought something too. It felt like more of an industry convention than a market.

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