Last month a friend and I took a day trip to Chartres, which is only an hour and fifteen minute train ride from Paris. It was a bit rainy and cold when we arrived in the early afternoon, but we took a walk around and ducked in some shops. We meant to stop by the tourist office for a map but never actually made it there.

We had a long leisurely lunch during which I looked out the window and noticed this amusing street sign.        100_7389Translated to English, it would mean “Perfect Christmas.” Apparently Monsieur Noël Parfait was a writer and politician born in Chartres.

The famous Chartres Cathedral was quite pretty by evening and night. We spent some time wandering around the interior, which was under renovation.100_7392100_7411We got to the Centre international du vitrail (International Center of Stained Glass) about an hour before closing time, just as a wave of people were coming out. It turns out that their departure left us as practically the only visitors, much to my delight. One hour in the small building turned out to be a sufficient amount of time.

I absolutely loved the underground temporary exhibit Les peintres et le vitrail, which featured stained glass by contemporary artists.100_7394100_7396100_7399 100_7401100_7403 The ground floor contained works from the Renaissance. This is a part of a depiction of the slaves escaping Egypt. The drama in motion is present.100_7405The Centre international du vitrail is a former barn. I am always interested in places that used to be other places.chartresWhen we left the center, the sky had cleared up, and we joined the people out and about for a stroll down the cute streets dotted with boutiques and lights.100_7424100_7413100_7417100_7421


7 thoughts on “Chartres

  1. I am reading a book about Chartres (fiction) but they talk a lot about the cathedral. Thanks to your post, I think it’s worth a visit now. And I love stained glass. You captured them well in your photos.

  2. I went there in late June when it was about 30° with 80% humidity. It seems strange to see the town in winter! It was so refreshing to go into the churches because they were nice and cool.

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