Close to Earth

Paris residents say the Tour Montparnasse is a monstrosity, but it’s not so bad when you’re looking up at it while sprawled out on the grass on a hot day. The grass next to the gare may be dry and yellow, but it is there for the public, as is the blue, blue sky. 100_8677100_8678

Grass sprawling was always latent in me, though I never did it. I attended a university with a lovely campus full of greens. At some point I created an idyllic mental image of lounging on them with friends, but by the time the weather was nice enough, we were usually in the thick of studying for finals and writing papers. The last week of senior year, my friend and I finally did lie on the grass for a few minutes outside one of the academic buildings, and we have a nice picture to remember it.

In my subsequent years in the States, I frequented parks but somehow never lay on the grass.

Since then, I’ve daydreamed and night-dreamed on grass all over parks in Paris and a few in Italy and England. I have to catch up and try out the grass in the States.

Do you think grass sprawling is blissful or boring?

10 thoughts on “Close to Earth

  1. If I were to ever grass sprawl, I would have to be lying on a towel. Anxieties over grass stains and creepy crawly bugs in the soil would prevent me from enjoying the experience. Give me a soft terry cloth towel over a patch of grass on a day when the sun is shining and it would be guaranteed relaxation 🙂

  2. No lying on the grass!? When I was at university in Wellington, we had a nice big backyard, no internet in the house and no smartphones (2008, so bit behind the times). This meant lots of time out reading and sunbathing! I kind of miss the days before I was a slave to the internet…

  3. Lying in the grass is one of my absolute favorite activities. That’s my go-to for lazy afternoons in big cities!

  4. I like that you use the phrase “grass sprawling” specifically. It gives a much better impression than simply saying ‘lying in the grass.’ There are lots of ways to say this in italian (maybe it’s the same in french), and you should ask G about it and see what he says. But anyway, it still hasn’t grown on me. I’ve watched others do it from benches, but I like hard sturdy wooden tables too much.

    • Yes, because there also is a difference between grass sprawling and picnicking, for example. When picnicking you’re usually sitting on the grass.

      I quite like looking at the leaves and the sky, which can most comfortably be done lying down.

  5. Blissful indeed! A lovely regression into childhood. I did it a few times at college, too, and just recently on a nice summer day.

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