City Citrouilles

Pumpkins are ubiquitous in the U.S. during the fall season. They certainly are cute as vegetables come. One Saturday in Boston some years ago, I came upon a massive tower of pumpkins by city hall.


They were trying to achieve the Guinness World Record for number of jack-o-lanterns, which are carved pumpkins.

129.pumpkinsboston.2015bOn the steps and ground in the plaza were hundreds of pumpkins, all sporting carved faces.

129.pumpkinsboston.2015c 129.pumpkinsboston.2015d129.pumpkinsboston.2015e129.pumpkinsboston.2015f

Notice that the pumpkin in the top left of the picture above says “SOX.” For those unfamiliar with American sports, the Red Sox are Boston’s baseball team. From a young age, people from the Boston area are raised to be avid sports fans. I learned this when I was a high school senior staying overnight at a Boston area school that I had been accepted to. When the students hosting me learned I was from New Jersey, they asked, “Are you a Yankees fan?” A New York Yankees fan was apparently an undesirable thing to be, as the Red Sox and the Yankees are fierce rivals. I actually hadn’t heard this when I was in the New York area, but I sure did when I was in Boston.

In the plaza, action was still happening; children and adults carved pumpkins to add to the assembly.


Do you see the lights strung through these love pumpkins? As evening fell, they lit up the jack-o-lanterns, which I caught a glimpse of before heading home.



6 thoughts on “City Citrouilles

  1. Nice! We carved pumpkins a few times for Halloween (not this year, didn’t have a chance…) and it’s actually harder than it seems. Makes me appreciate the art now!

  2. Someone else’s blog had a series of “sad pumpkins” around Brussels, like just shoved in the corner and so on. They’ve got the idea, but not quite the same execution 🙂

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