Feed Me Lines

I love reading. With that comes a love of libraries and bookstores. I used to work in publishing, where there was always an abundance of books in the office. On a long walk in Manhattan this winter, I stopped in The Center for Fiction for the first time. The front exterior and interior are so aesthetically pleasing, all glass and mirrors and lines and pages.


4 thoughts on “Feed Me Lines

  1. Just the name is awesome! “The Center for Fiction”… love it. Like you, I love books. Working in publishing must have been interesting. What did you do?

    • I managed projects and saw products through to completion, so very deadline-oriented. Had to be good with people too since it involved getting their components on time, which was not always easy. 🙂 It was an interesting world, and my company at the time had a great culture.

      The Center for Fiction also offers workspace and workshops for writers.

  2. Publishing, that’s one of those fantasy jobs but I bet it’s quite different in reality (like people who think librarians get paid to read books all day).

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