Powdered Sugar

Last week there was a very, very light dusting of snow, perfect for a walk through the south side of Central Park on the way to Grand Central Station. You’ll notice a lot of buildings in the background because I stayed on the outskirts of the park rather than venturing further in. I was on my way to catch a train, but it was a no-brainer that a walk in the park would add to my day. 101_0022101_0024101_0025101_0026

I later saw this snowy bear, below whom someone had locked a bike and and intentionally or not, given a ride.101_0042.JPG


2 thoughts on “Powdered Sugar

  1. Even though I hate being cold and I’m cold just looking at the set, the atmosphere is interesting. I was in NYC in June, it was hot and I just can’t reconcile the pictures of “my” Central Park with yours, just a bit of snow are bare trees change everything!

    • I assure you that it wasn’t that cold! I actually felt warm from the brisk walk and removed a layer.

      Your observation reminds me of when I visited London during a heat wave. Previously, I had only ever been there in cool and rainy weather, so I couldn’t believe that it ever got that hot.

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