Airport Shapes

In the Madrid airport I found myself looking at geometry.

DSC00716Trippy. I don’t remember this from my previous two times at this airport.

DSC00720I loved these stacks of luggage.

DSC00722Huge ceiling fan. I hope it’s well affixed, I thought.

DSC00723Why? Must be a minimalist decorator.

The airport was quiet. It was a little past 9 in the morning, so not an unholy hour. Hardly anyone was in line for passport control or security. It was a far cry from my memory of my family running through the airport, dodging people and smokers (yes, smokers!) to make our flight to Rome in 2001.

I didn’t realize that I would have to go through security during this stopover on the way to Paris, so I had a bottle of water in my bag. I asked the security employee if I could empty my beloved Parisian flask, and without saying anything, he took it and put it in an opaque container that was on a table against the wall, slid the door closed, slid it back open, and handed the bottle back to me. No nonsense, which was perfectly fine with me.

I felt a little thrill saying “Hola” to the border agent and shopkeepers. Nothing like a foreign language to make you realize that you are traveling.


2 thoughts on “Airport Shapes

    • It’s a lot nicer than my first memory of it! Speaking of patterns, there was a cool Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NY recently that included his sketches of patterns that inspired his architectural work. The patterns themselves were inspired by things in nature like cacti.

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