Recently a friend in New York City told me that for ten years, almost every Friday night she would have mussels, raw oysters, strawberries, and champagne at the same restaurant. That was thirty years ago.

It sounded like the kind of ritual the word ‘fabulous’ was invented for.

I’ve always liked the idea of being a regular at a place, but there are only a couple of times I’ve had that experience, usually associated with activity groups that meet at the same bar weekly. Food-wise, I love variety and so don’t frequent the same place every week. Same goes for ambiance—during lunch I sit at different spots in the park.

But I remember, one evening, walking into the bar in Paris that my fellow volunteers and I gathered at every week after serving meals outside, and the bartender said to me, “Thé au vert?” It felt like I had arrived.

We just want to be known, don’t we?


2 thoughts on ““Norm!”

  1. So true, I also have that secret “I want to be a regular” wish, but sadly I think I’m only a regular at the mini Carrefour near work and that mostly makes me feel they’re probably judging how much chocolate I eat 😉

    • I know what you mean– when I was a student in Paris, one time I stopped in my regular Monoprix to get solely a bag of gummy “frites,” and the cashier greeted me with “Ça va?” for the first time (and you know customer service employees don’t usually ask you that in France. Up until that point she had always just said the normal “Bonjour”) and what I swear was a knowing smile. Only she knew that my groceries consisted of gummy frites…

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