New Yawk

Overheard this month:

“A $600 pair of shoes. Hah!”
– An older woman walking through the bus station, exclaiming to herself. Amen, sistah! I’ve never spent anything close to that amount on an item of clothing.

“Don’t be ashamed to cry. Crying is good.”
– A man to a man who sits on the floor of the subway staircase landing every morning. Casual conversation (no one was crying).

“An elevator full of women of color at [company I work at]. I dig it.”
– Young black woman. There were seven of us in the elevator, six young black women and me (Asian American).

Sure, sometimes I witness negative or disturbing interactions, like the other night when I saw a woman sitting on the sidewalk screaming and crying while a man stood next to her and two police officers tried to handle the situation. We’re constantly bumping into people’s pain and skirting around it. It’s nice to encounter positive interactions too. In the span of one week I saw a woman laughing aloud, a man encouraging the expression of vulnerability and emotion, and a woman who infused positivity in an elevator of strangers. There are reasons to hope.

4 thoughts on “New Yawk

  1. I love this sentence: “We’re constantly bumping into people’s pain and skirting around it.” It’s true, although to put a positive spin on it, I’d say “We’re constantly bumping into people’s emotions and skirting around them” 🙂

    I was looking for new gym clothes this afternoon, mine are getting all washed up. I couldn’t believe how expensive leggings and a tank top were in a sports store. I feel the same as the shoes lady, “$140 for yoga pants? AH!”

    • Thanks. 🙂 You’re someone who observes people too.

      I didn’t know how expensive workout clothes could be until this year! (Not that I started working out… 😀 It’s a friend who told me that gym shorts could cost $70+. I couldn’t believe it.)

    • Ha ha. My last swimsuit top cost about $3 from Primark. It seems to be good quality. But I’m sure an $80 one is nicer!

      I like your passion flower avatar.

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