Sweet Tooth

This week I had a rare dinner out with colleagues. It was fun. When I worked in the U.S., my colleagues and I would go out for happy hour every time someone joined the company, left, or got promoted. Add in major life events, and there were times when it seemed like we were going to happy hour all the time. I miss that camaraderie, so yesterday evening it was nice to leave work together and kick back on a warm summer day at a bar/restaurant in the coin.

For dessert I ordered a café gourmand. It was the biggest café gourmand I had ever seen. A café gourmand is composed of an espresso and three small desserts. A typical one would include a macaron, a small cup of ice cream, and a little chocolate cake. This one featured three small chocolate cakes, three crepes, and a crème brûlée on a flat stone planche. It was garnished by a mysterious fruit that my colleagues sussed out the name for: physalis, or ground cherry.


Whoever thought up this concept was a bright fella.