The Seattle Public Library

After lunch and conversation (about fundraising) at a café, my friend and I walked to the Central Library, which was designed by architect Rem Koolhaas and built in 2004. The library is part of The Seattle Public Library system.

What lines and angles.


And waves.


I’ve never seen a library like it.


This wall seemed a bit prisonlike.


What is a books spiral?


My friend wanted to show me a weird red hallway.


Even the bathroom, which I did not capture on proverbial film, was strange. When you stood up in a stall, you could see over the top. It felt very exposed—someone who walked up to the stall door could look right in at you. My friend explained to me that it was to prevent people from injecting drugs in the bathroom.

After I had taken in the architecture and my friend had found her books on Native American history in the Northwest, we perused in the gift shop (!) and then ventured back out, where it was raining. Our day out was on foot, and by the time we reached the supermarket, my feet were wet and I was ready to go back to her apartment. We had some food shopping to do first, though, for our camping trip the next day.

We gathered up our ingredients and snacks and trekked back to her place, where her little cat was waiting.

You Can’t Eat This Éclair

Have you ever seen lightning without thunder?68.lightning.2014a 68.lightning.2014bAround 10 one night this week, I took a walk and called my sister. When I saw this lightning, I watched it for a while, fascinated. One lightning bolt flashed after another sans arrêt but without the familiar sound of thunder after.

I scooted home in anticipation of rain. However, it wasn’t until three hours later that the thunder followed. Then came the strongest hailstorm I’ve ever heard. Unlike the French people I know, I never close my shutters when I go to sleep. Shutters aren’t nearly as common in the States as they are in France, and half the time American shutters are merely decorative. I rather like a bit of moonlight streaming through my window when I go to sleep and the sun on my face when I wake up. During the hailstorm I wished I had closed up shop à la française because it sounded like my windows were going to be pelleted in. Flashes of lightning lit up my room through my wispy white curtains.

Though it took me longer to fall asleep, I didn’t mind the storm. The dramatic weather soundtrack kept me company.